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Medicaid Eligibility

At NFV Healthcare Group, we understand that every hospital has unique needs when it comes to its eligibility program. We believe in providing true alternatives that are tailored to each provider’s specific Medicaid requirements. Our goal is to assist self-pay patients in the Medicaid qualification process, covering all types of patients and accounts, including inpatient, outpatient, ER, observation, and physician-related.

NFV’s approach goes beyond the standard company’s approach for determining eligibility, addressing the challenges of today’s healthcare with current and real-time solutions. We offer customized technology for hospitals to verify eligibility along with complete in-house bedside patient advocacy services as your vendor.

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Turn Self-Pay Patients into Qualified Medicaid Recipients.


Automate the Medicaid Eligibility process with NFV Healthcare Group and receive “BEST IN CLASS” qualifying assistance.

Comprehensive Screening

Our proven process utilizes patient interaction along with comprehensive data exchange to quickly assess presumptive eligibility verification while providing advocacy on the patient’s behalf throughout the entire process.

Our all-inclusive process screens for all Local, State, and Federal entitlement programs, including disability.

Systematic Eligibility Verification and Reporting

Utilize built-in validations to ensure compliance and accuracy of patient information while continually updating and managing the application/eligibility process in an organized, timely manner.

Full Integration with Systems

Our HEART system works with all platforms, allowing full provider access and ensuring unparalleled management of YOUR eligibility process.

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Key Features of NFV Medicaid Eligibility Partnership

Differential Services

We offer comprehensive eligibility services that set us apart from competitors. Our services include working with all self-pay patients, regardless of patient type, point of entry, or dollar amount. We collaborate with all state, federal, and local agencies and programs in the United States, including disability.

Customized HEART System

Our proprietary Healthcare Entitlement Assistance and Recovery Track (HEART) system provides hospital access to our customized application that manages self-pay to Medicaid cases from registration through recovery. We work closely with your staff to establish or enhance existing policies and procedures, ensuring a revenue-focused social service function.

Accountability and Reports

We prioritize transparency and accountability by offering partners full access to our system, allowing them to verify any notes, actions taken, or charges on invoices. Hospital personnel can monitor our onsite employees, and 24/7 access to reports ensures timely information and tracking of self-pay patients. Further, we program our system to the individual provider’s specifications.

Partner with NFV Healthcare Group for Your Eligibility Needs

By choosing NFV as your Medicaid Eligibility partner, you can expect a collaborative approach that considers your unique hospital requirements. We deliver differential services, customized technology, and a focus on increasing revenue, approvals, and patient satisfaction. Our commitment to transparency, accountability, and 24/7 accessibility ensures that your Medicaid Eligibility program is in capable hands.

Reduced Outstanding Accounts Receivable

With NFV’s focused approach, the overall self-pay population will be reduced, resulting in more insured patients and a more efficient qualification process.

Maximize Reimbursement

With NFV, the self-pay to Medicaid conversion is GUARANTEED to increase while maximizing efficiencies.

Experience Counts

Over 25 years in the Medicaid Eligibility sector. This is what we do and who we are, period.

Contact us today to discuss our Eligibility solutions and explore how NFV Healthcare Group can provide true alternatives tailored to your hospital’s Medicaid requirements and goals.

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