Our NEVS technology gives healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) and financial teams the insights to identify, capture, and analyze underutilized payer reimbursements awaiting recovery.

National Eligibility Verification Solutions

At NFV Healthcare Group, we offer the National Eligibility Verification System (NEVS) products designed for unclaimed revenue recovery and detection in a non-disruptive process. Our advanced healthcare revenue management solution utilizes a multi-dimensional cascading data mining pre-process. It transforms patient demographics into properly formatted data sets ready for submission to third-party payers. We specialize in working with the requirements of Governmental and Commercial Payers, providing more efficient and higher-yielding results than traditional “Payer Search and Transfer DRG Audits.”

Our proprietary revenue cycle management software and processes enable us to conduct an accurate and faster verification, targeting eligible claims rather than just eligible individuals. Unlike other services that may include a high number of ineligible claims, our reports contain only eligible claims, reducing the burden on facility resources. We prioritize accuracy and efficiency, and in cases where data conflicts arise, we proactively verify and reconcile the ambiguity by contacting the FI/MAC.

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Release Hidden Revenue Streams with NEVS Insurance Discovery Services

Take advantage of our AI-powered revenue cycle management software to automate processes and identify revenue opportunities lodged in claims data.

Multi-Dimensional Cascading

Our National Eligibility Verification System (NEVS) system provides unclaimed revenue recovery and detection in an easy, non-disruptive process through a multi-dimensional cascading data mining pre-process.

Eligibility Requirements

Our smart rules engine is equipped to check and verify all self-pay and charity patient data against all-payer eligibility requirements.

Automated Claims Recovery

Our healthcare revenue cycle management automation bridges the gap between platforms and detects opportunities for free claims recovery, allowing organizations to access their hidden revenue.

Key Features of Uncover Unclaimed Revenue with NFV’s Partnership

Assessing Vendor Effectiveness

Are you confident in the effectiveness of your current vendor? Find out with our no-cost assessment. By simply providing us with your most recent or second most recent file, we will conduct a thorough analysis using our proprietary system. 

Our comprehensive report will reveal the presence of significant accounts, indicating areas where your current vendor may be falling short. If necessary, consider engaging our services to achieve enhanced results.

Self-Pay/Charity/Bad Debt/Insurance Coverage Discovery

NFV Healthcare Group excels in processing data for coverage identification services, utilizing a unique approach that sets us apart from other vendors. Our proprietary level 3 algorithm generates multiple inquiries per patient encounter, enabling the identification of data interdependencies, discrepancies, and naming convention errors. Through this meticulous process, we uncover previously unidentified eligible patients, allowing for accurate data corrections and proper billing. Rest assured, incorrect data is preserved for future reference.

Unlock Unclaimed Medicare Underpayments

Partner with NFV Healthcare Group and take advantage of our NEVS Medicare Underpayments Services. We are experts in fixing underpayments known as “Transfer DRG Underpayments.” Our technology, knowledge of payer rules, and our commitment to transparency make us a reliable partner. 

As with our Insurance Discovery Service, this process is meticulous. We uncover previously unidentified eligible patients, allowing for accurate data correction and proper billing. Incorrect data is preserved for future reference.

Partner with NFV Healthcare Group and experience the benefits of our proven expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

NFV Healthcare Group is your trusted partner in helping discover and recover revenue. Our team specializes in handling the complexities of payer mix, patient demographics, and eligibility requirements across various payer programs. With NFV, you can benefit from our contingency fee structure, meaning you only pay based on the revenue we recover on your behalf. There are no upfront charges or setup fees.

Increased Cash Flow

Maximize reimbursement potentials and reduce costly denied claims with NEVS Discovery Service & Medicare Underpayment Recovery.

Optimized Reimbursement

Our AI-powered technology simplifies the reimbursement process and ensures that you only submit verifiable claims for potential revenue.

Increased Revenue Earnings

  • NEVS Insurance Discovery Service
  • NEVS Medicare Underpayment Recovery

Maximize your revenue potential with our healthcare revenue management solution by reaching out to us now. Together, we can uncover unclaimed revenue, improve financial outcomes, and propel your healthcare organization toward greater success.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities with Our No-Fee Assessment


Are you looking to maximize your revenue potential? Take advantage of our exclusive offer for a no-fee assessment and discover untapped reimbursement opportunities.

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